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Illustration Services


Portrait/Avatar Illustration- Starting at $50

Character Illustration - Starting at $100-200

Background / Environment Illustration - Starting at $200-300


Merchandise Design - Starting at $300-500

Cover Art (books, music album, etc) - Starting at $400-600

Splash Art - Starting at $300-400



Before I can start the commission, you have to request it! You can email me at (an email button is also at the top!).

Please be sure to include the following in your email:

  • a description of the commission (for example: a headshot of your original character wearing a cool wizard's hat and a starry, nighttime background and their name ______ at the base of the image)

  • send references, especially if it's something very specific (poses, colors, textures, original character, etc.)​​



Once I receive the email, I will contact you to confirm the terms and pricing of the commission. I will then keep in contact with you about the progress of the commission, sending you each of the above steps before moving forward to make sure it is as how you want it.



After we've emailed each other and confirmed the terms, size, and price of the commission, I require 50% payment non-refundable deposit, with the remainder due upon completion and before emailing the file.

Payments will be done electronically through PayPal or Venmo.

Frequently Asked Questions


When can I expect delivery of my commissioned artwork?
I will send a commission summary with an estimated completion date for each step. Commission times vary widely, from a few days to a couple weeks, depending on the scope of the project and my schedule.

Is the price negotiable?
Depending on what is needed, I can work with you on the price.

For example, you choose a simple background but would like to upgrade to a more detailed background. This would run an additional, let's say, $15 fee to add the detailed background, but you can only spare another $5. We can work together to create a background that will be as close as requested while fitting within the $5 budget.

Are you required to sign a contract?
For personal-use commissions, no. By that, I mean something that you will not use commercially (avatars, wallpapers, character reference sheets, etc.).

Commercial art includes advertising, graphic design, branding, logos and book illustrations. This should be mentioned right away in the email so that I may send the proper paperwork.

How often should we be in contact?

We should check our inboxes at least once a day. I check my emails in the evening (6:00pm - 9:00pm CST). If I do not answer to your email within 24 hours, please direct message me on Twitter or Instagram to make sure it did not go into my spam folder.

I will send progress reports as I complete each step (thumbnail, sketch, final version). If I have any questions regarding the commission, need more references, etc., I will make sure to contact you.

Please also contact me if you have any questions, want to know the progress of the work, if you have any revisions or additions, or of any payment changes. I will definitely send an image of the piece at it's most current state upon request for review. This is your commission, so if there's anything you need, I will work with you to realize it as much as I can.


Artists retain all copyright to the work upon creation unless otherwise specified in a contract that gives all rights to another party.


I will only use images of the commissioned piece to be displayed in my portfolio/online galleries. If you would not like the piece displayed, or you would not like to be mentioned in a social media post with the commission, please let me know. I will also confirm with you before putting the images online.

I will not resell any commissions. They are tailor-made for you.

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