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The Cost of Operating a Small Business From Home - Printer and Cricut Issues

I wanted to start today off right by printing and cutting the first and second days' designs and put them up on my shop, but neither my Canon G6000 series printer nor Cricut Explore Air 2 wanted to work with me today. Granted, I don't use the printer often, so the printer heads and siphons can dry up without regular use. It did however refuse to stay online and connect to my laptop, but after troubleshooting my fiancé was able to get it working properly.

As for the Cricut machine and the Cricut Design Space software, that was a mess. I have always had issues with the Cricut Design Space before, but this time around it was even worse with all the new updates. It's been a year since I last used the Cricut, so I've had to go on Reddit to figure out how to troubleshoot my issues.

For one, when I placed my images onto the canvas within the software, it would rearrange everything to minimize the empty space. I understand this is helpful for those who are in a bit of a rush, but it wasn't helpful because I rotated certain images to better minimize the empty space that the Cricut Design Space was not capable of.

The second issue is that I would create an offset around my stickers so that a white border around the sticker can be cut for someone to hold as they peel the sticker, which worked well last year, but with the most updated version the offsets are treated as separate from what they are bordering. This causes the software to arrange the sticker art perpendicular to the border I want create.

After some searching online, a Reddit user suggested the "Attach" option to keep everything in place. This worked, but I had to get rid of the offset because the software did not understand that the offset was to line up exactly with the stickers they bordered. I would have to cut the border myself, which doesn't bother me but just wouldn't be as neat as I would have liked.

When I went to finally print, the printer's yellow ink was not printing properly, even after a few runs.

I would love to send my designs out to a printer, but printers typically ask you to purchase in bulk, which I have neither the means nor customer base to sell to at that scale. This is why I decided to printer and cut stickers from home, which has its pros and cons, as you can see... (Sneak peek of Day 2's design below)

I am currently attempting a deep clean of my printer to see if that will help with the issue. The ink wells still have ink left, so it's not an issue of quantity. I will post my second day of the Countdown to Winter later tonight, and hopefully my first two stickers for the special event!

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