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Countdown to Winter - Day 3

Sunday is the most relaxing day of the week, but for me I feel restless. I always feel like I should be productive on the weekends to make up for what I missed out on during the workweek, but I always have to remind myself it's ok to just take a day to yourself.

I didn't spend all day working on my art projects, instead I caught up on chores and learned to make sourdough bread for the first time! I began the starter a couple weeks ago from wild yeast from juniper berries I gathered from my boss's greenery she brought in for a product photo shoot. The starter was very much active; I fed it too much one night, and it pushed the rubber banded cloth cover off its jar and spilled everywhere! Luckily I placed the starter jar in two paper bags to help keep light out from the growing yeast. After that I stashed it away in the refrigerator for a week to keep it from growing too quickly.

When I started the bread today, I didn't let the starter warm up when I took it out of the fridge before incorporating it into the dough, so I learned a lesson there! It did begin to rise after I let it sit overnight with the feed (flour and water), then began folding it and letting it sit to rest and rise again. It is now cold-proofing outside while the temperatures are low.

Why am I gushing about bread-making as an artist? Well, art can't be everything in my life! 

Other hobbies are healthy for you and can give you more inspiration and experience to draw from for your art. Plus, drawing or crafting everyday can become boring or tiring.

My favorite hobbies are cooking and baking, gardening, playing video games with my fiancé and friends, and learning new things! That last one sounds a little cliché, but it is true; this is one of the reasons I loved going to school. Chemistry, biology, botany, horticulture and agriculture, world history, geography, and world religions and mythology were all fields I had an interest in! I'm no expert in any one subject, but I do my best to research a little bit everyday.

My NEKO-NOM-ICON project will draw from my interest and knowledge of culinary arts and geography - I can't wait to share it all!

Below is a set of stickers I've been working on for a while that are bread-related!

I looked at ears of wheat and thought "that reminds me of a fuzzy caterpillar!" Then the rest fell into place! The wheatwiggler creates a bag to go through its metamorphosis into a bread, producing flour as it removes its husks, becoming a millow (a combination of "mill" and "pillow" from the sack's pillow-like shape. to finally transform into a flutterloaf! Each type have their own names like bread-and-butterfly, PB&Jamwing, and flyrye. The other creatures in the set are still in progress.

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