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Countdown to Winter - Day 2

The second day of December had a rough start. My Cricut machine needed realigning, the Cricut Design Space's new updates are not intuitive, and my printer is leaving streaks on the stickers I planned on stocking today. I was able to troubleshoot with by typing my exact issue and adding "reddit" at the end of the search. This guarantees an answer as most search engines are not what they used to be, mostly pushing advertised sites at the top that have nothing to do with your initial search.

Unfortunately, the new stickers will have to wait until next weekend when everything is ready, but I am learning as I go. I am not one to plan far in advanced; I'm mostly flying by the seat of my pants as new ideas come in. Life is more fun with spontaneity, but a business needs a solid plan to succeed. So far my blog and my secret project with my Pathfinder campaign character is on-track, the most consistent I've been since graduating college. This has been motivating, especially when I've always felt that I can never complete project. Everything I've has never made it past the sketch phase, and any work I've put all my effort into has never looked complete.

With the simpler artwork that I'm using for my stickers and NEKO-NOM-ICON project, I don't have that same feeling on incompetence. It's how I'm learning what I actually wanted from my university experience - understanding character shape language and silhouette, color theory, marketing and operating a small business. The professors did their best, but it wasn't in a way that I could best comprehend the information nor was it the right time for me. YouTube, online forums like Reddit, and other online artists have done more for me than what university ever could. For some people it may work, but for me, I don't think a 4-year college was the right choice for an art major.

I make do with what time I have working on my website and small business. Maybe instead of a sticker design for tomorrow, I should work on the first page on my NEKO-NOM-ICON comic. I've had the pages sketched out for a few years now, but I was never confident in it. Now is the best more than ever to look it over again and make updates as needed.

Here's the sticker design I was going to print out today, had everything gone as I had hoped. Badr the striped hyena. The stripe placements were hard to get just right; I fell in love with the stripe that looks like a headband as soon as I gave it a try! It reminds me of Soul Eater's hair when his outfit was updated with a headband. Badr is meant to look unfriendly at first with his sharp, toothy grin and droopy eyes, but he's sweet as a watermelon on the inside. He's the tough and silent one of his friends; Tahir is worrisome and the responsible one, and Zeki is excitable and talkative.

Originally Badr was closer to a periwinkle and indigo color scheme, but I changed it to green to align with the watermelon he was eating. Plus, I couldn't think of any dishes or ingredients that were from the region that were violet in hue. The green better suits the color scheme of his friends who utilize greens and browns.

Watermelon, alongside pomegranate, are significant for people who celebrate Yaldā Night or Chelle Night, the Winter Solstice, most typically Iranian-influenced regions. The red flesh of these fruits symbolize the color of the dawn and the glow of life. The tradition was to stay up late and gather with family and friends to keep away the bad luck that could befall on you on the longest night of the year. It is still done to this day, but not for the same religious reasons as it was back then - now it is more similar to how most people around the globe celebrate the New Years! I wouldn't mind having watermelon now...

I think I've finally decided that I will start the comic tomorrow! Writing about these characters in my blogs won't be enough. You need to see them and learn for yourselves who they are and their talents and thoughts and treasured treats!

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