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Welcome to My Site! November 2023 Artist Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue 1

Page 1 of an artist newsletter exploring the nostalgic feelings evoked by the onset of fall weather - sketching in school work notebooks in high school and middle school. These feelings have become strong enough to pull me out of my slump and start expanding my website and working on art projects seriously, despite the push and pull of every day tasks that drain my mental energy.
Page 1 Volume 1 Issue 1 Artist Newsletter

Page 2 of my newsletter detailing my resolve to finally work on my art projects. I've quickly doodled characters from my two main projects, which will be noted on page 3.
Page 2 Volume 1 Issue 1 Artist Newsletter

Page 3 of my newsletter. Can you actually see this text? Anyway, I detail my two projects here: NEKO-NOM-ICON and URBAN LEGENDS. I wonder if text-to-speech yells when words/titles are capitalized if the tech can read this alt text of the image.
Page 3 Volume 1 Issue 1 Artist Newsletter

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